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Marianna & Michael

"The Energy was great and we just had an amazing party with all of the people we love, there to celebrate us.

The Story

They say that if a couple can make it through a disastrous first date… they can make it through anything!!

Full transparency: I made that up. BUT with Marianna & Michael… that was just the case! A contact lens fail (we swear, it wasn’t pink eye) and a slight key mishap (so WHAT Marianna ran two hours late?!) could not put out the spark between these two! When you know, you know.

But so really, how does one know when they’ve met the one? For Michael, it was pretty simple. “I knew Marianna was the one, because she felt like home.” :::SWOON:::

This admittedly informal couple felt strongly about having a non-traditional wedding. After a short & sweet ceremony, they had an unforgettable first dance and then spent the rest of the night celebrating with their family and friends.

The vision for their wedding?

Minimalistic, Laidback & Fun

Vendor Credits

Photography | J. Maurer Photography


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