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Kyle & Leo

“We chose the Jacky Durrell Pavilion because it seemed full circle honestly. Our first date was on the beach, our engagement was on the beach, so why not our wedding? …We saw amazing potential for a design that really would represent us.”

The Story

Me: (Skeptical) There’s no such thing as the “perfect” proposal sto…”

Kyle & Leo: The story behind the proposal is Kyle's sister, Jenn (an amazing wedding planner!) had asked us to do a styled-shoot for her. Of course we said yes but what Kyle didn't know was that Leo had been planning to propose for months and wanted to do something special. So what better way, than to ask his future sister-in-law for some help and put together this surprise day. We did the photo shoot; the last component was fake first look but it ended up being a real proposal!

Whereas not every couple is fortunate enough to have an amazing wedding planner in the family, having Jenn (Owner of Soirees and Revelry) plan and design the wedding wasintegral to bringing the couple’s wedding vision to life.

The vision for their wedding?

Fun, Bohemian, Tropical

Vendor Credits

Event Coordinator | Soirees and Revelry

Photography | Constance Schiano

Lighting Decor | Vivid Events


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