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Kelly & Dustin

“We knew we wanted an intimate wedding, something simple and elegant. We were walking on the beach one day, saw the pavilions and it just clicked."

The Story

We’ve never (personally) experienced sparks flying following a company valuation, but stranger things have happened! Kelly’s favorable valuation of Dustin’s company left him completely smitten. One awkward first date later: Dustin spent dinner terrified of choking on the bone-in branzino – (he didn’t!); Kelly was terrified that Dustin didn’t drink alcohol – (he does!) the stars aligned and this down-to-earth couple knew they had found the one. Kelly & Dustin strove to make sure that every part of their wedding day was meaningful to them. They were happy to bypass “traditional” customs in lieu of the night to be free-form, not overly scheduled.

When asked for her most memorable moment of the day, Kelly said, hands down, the ceremony. “The exchanging of vows felt like the culmination of our shared past and the beginning of our future together.”

The vision for their wedding?

Elegant, Moody, Romantic

Vendor Credits


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