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Jenn & Rob

A few friends had recommended the Pavilions and we knew it was the perfect venue for us. The team at Penfield was amazing and all the vendors they recommended are awesome!

The Story

Can a Gym Parking Lot Acquaintance become something more? In the case of Jenn & Rob, absolutely YES! A chance meeting in the parking lot, turned into a friendly Facebook exchange, turned into meeting for coffee, turned into one of the best friendships the couple could ask for.

When they initially met, Jenn and Rob were reluctant to start a romantic relationship, as they were juggling busy lives and the commitment of being single parents to their boys. But after about a year, Jenn was reminded how precious and short life could be and opened her heart to dating Rob.

For the record: Jenn and Rob did NOT get engaged in a Pawn Shop in the middle of Suburbia Florida and Jenn absolutely DID NOT unknowingly return a rental car with her engagement ring in the glove box…. Cough….

The couple enjoyed a beautiful beachfront wedding, where the highlight of their day was sharing personal handwritten vow in front of their closest friends and family. “A huge shout out to Krista with A Perfect Little Plan for taking our dream and making it a reality!” Jenn

The vision for their wedding?

Simple, Romantic, Beachy

Vendor Credits

Entertainment | The Timmy Maia Band

Lighting Decor | Vivid Events


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