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Jaclyn & Corrie

“My family spent four generations at Penfield Beach; it is where I felt closest to my family, who was not present, and a place where the water brought me a sense of calm.”

The Story

In a time when Corrie and Jaclyn lost hope of love, one swipe changed their lives forever! After hours of conversation, laughter and cocktails at The Tipsy Tomato, they knew there was something different. One date turned into days and weeks. Each day Jaclyn learned to let loose and be carefree. Corrie continued to be Corrie. Together they were better. After a year Corrie asked Jaclyn's daughter, Juliana, for her blessing. On a gorgeous December day, in the freezing cold, Corrie stated that he found his Hallmark ending; his happily ever after. He then went on one knee and asked Jaclyn to spend the rest of their lives together!

Jaclyn’s most memorable moment of the day? “Swinging with my husband in the very place I played as a child….”

The vision for their wedding?

Peaceful, Generational & Fun

Vendor Credits

Photography | Andres Bedoya Gonzalez


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