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Jaclyn & Ben

"I saw a photo and was in absolute awe. I always dreamed of a wedding by the beach and all of the pieces fell into place once we saw Jacky Durrell Pavilion." Jaclyn

The Story

Picture this: you are working the night shift at a hospital, manning the reception desk in the Emergency Room. Aside from the occasional emergency, how would you pass the time and stay alert from 11:00pm – 3:00am? Meet Jaclyn and Ben: she, a nurse; he, a security guard. The two formed a fast friendship during slow shifts over a mutual love of YouTube Videos, Family Feud and The Office Bloopers.

Per Jaclyn, their wedding was meant to feel like a celebration of love and happiness; as relaxed, intimate and as fun as possible. Jaclyn & Ben had already been married for one year (to the day!) so they had the flexibility to incorporate truly special flourishes like their friend unofficially officiating their ceremony or, quite unforgettably, Ben & the rest of Brookline Drive serenading Jaclyn with “She’s so Beautiful”.

The vision for their wedding?

Relaxed, Intimate, Beachy

Vendor Credits

Bartenders | Bartending of CT

Makeup | KiSSandMaKeUp

Lighting | Vivid Events


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