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Carson & Jagger

“When we walked into the Jacky Durrell pavilion, we knew that we found our venue. A charming beach location in our price range seemed too good to be true ... it had character while still feeling like a blank slate that we could transform into the vibe we wanted.” Carson

The Story

Despite going to the same middle school, Carson & Jagger’s paths never actually crossed until an OkCupid algorithm “mistakenly” matched them up. After a successful first date (Drinks of Choice: Hot Pink Cocktail with Pop Rocks Rim for Jagger, Beer for Carson, obviously), the couple could feel something special. While neither Carson or Jagger can pinpoint a specific moment that they knew they met “The One” they were perhaps one of the only couples that moved in together before the pandemic and actually grew closer. “When the world began opening up again, and we were more in love than ever, we knew we could make it through anything.”

Carson & Jagger knew almost immediately that Jacky Durrell Pavilion was their venue. The location, price point and “blank slate” nature of the pavilion sealed the deal. Carson & Jagger were able to incorporate personal touches into just about every aspect of their wedding including a homemade archway, curated playlist and floral centerpieces.

A standout moment for the couple was the sky turning a vibrant pink as they finished saying their vows. The breathtaking view was the perfect end to their ceremony!

The vision for their wedding?

Cozy, Natural, Intimate

Vendor Credits

Photographer | Amanda Cepero

Wedding Consultant & Coordinator | Deirdre Price, The Party Partner

Ice Cream Truck | Mister Softee


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