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Cara & Alexandre

"It was really important to show Parisians what a true Connecticut Summer was like and Penfield was the Perfect Place to do just that!" Cara, Bride

The Story

What is the meaning of “La Vie en Rose” – what does it mean to see life through rose-colored glasses? For Cara & Alexandre, it means trying to see beauty in the everyday; like you do when you first fall in love.

Who would’ve thought Cara (our lovely, Paris–based optimist and expat) and Alexandre (charming, super tall and undeniably French) could have had a chance encounter in a trendy Parisian bar (Badaboum!) that would ultimately lead to a wild, inter-continental, romantic adventure?!

Penfield Beach held many cherished memories for Cara, her friends and family over the years. It was really important to share this special place with Alexandre and her new (French!) friends and family.

Having a split of nearly 50-50 French and American wedding guests was touching, beautiful and unique in ways that Cara & Alexandre could never have imagined. “Watching people navigate language barriers, communicating with hand gestures, nods and smiles was truly so special to see…helped us achieve our ultimate goal; bringing our worlds together so that everyone can understand not just why we love each other, but how we are loved by all of those closest to us.”

The vision for their wedding?

Unforgettable, Inspiring, Rustic

Vendor Credits

Catering | Festivities

Videographer | Shuttersound Pictures

Hair | Morgan Hare

Flowers | Geena Chiacu


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