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Alejandra & Christian

“My wife and I wanted a beach wedding and I couldn’t think of a better place.” Christian

The Story

After a friendly invitation to Alejandra's family’s backyard barbeque, Christian decided to play up their mutual love of burgers, by inviting Alejandra on a date to Lucky’s of Stamford. The couple had a great first date (and for her, a great first milkshake!) and the rest was history.

When asked how Christian knew Alejandra was “the one” he mentioned that he while was visiting family in Colombia, he could not stop thinking of Alejandra; he could not wait for the trip to be over to come home to her.

A Fairytale Proposal (at The Magic Kingdom nonetheless!) led to a Fairytale Wedding, surrounded by their closest friends and family at The Pavilions at Penfield Beach.

The vision for their wedding?

Nautical, Blue, Ocean

Vendor Credits

Photography | Volarte Photography

Catering | Layla's Falafel


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